Special Development Opportunities

All Day Workshops

Occasionally, the WFSC will run a workshop over an entire day or weekend. Obviously, these workshops are more expensive and usually require payment in advance. These extra-long workshops are time very well spent, so book in early as places are also limited.

Our last weekend workshop was with the international literary manager for Short and Sweet, Pete Malicki

Professional Manuscript Assessments

Once a year, the club holds a professional manuscript assessment for authors seeking a structural edit on the first 20,000 words of a novel, novella or short story intended for publication. This is far more in-depth than can be offered during our free morning sessions. A structural edit is strongly recommended to ensure that what you are trying to say is conveyed to your readers as the editor will focus on plot, character development, logic and consistency.

Our manuscript assessments are limited to 10 places and Paula Boer requires manuscripts to be sent to her at least two weeks in advance, in order to provide personalised feedback and suggestions.